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Michael “Micke” Kazarnowicz


Micke is the short version of Michael in Swedish. While English speaking people say “Mike”, Swedes say “Mick-eh”. I’m sometimes known as “the living mikipedia” because facts stick to my brain as if it were anti-teflon.

Micke Kazarnowicz in San Francisco 2009
Me in San Francisco 2009

People sometimes say I look like different celebrities. I’ve heard Dave Gahan and Russel Crowe, but the only one I can see myself is Liev Schreiber

I’ve got a great radio voice. Once, when I was riding in a cab in Chicago and talking on the phone, the cab driver asked my boyfriend “Is that his real voice?”

I’m an atheist, a transhumanist and my philosophy is never to regret a missed chance.

That’s why I make sure to do something that scares me every year. A few things I’ve done so far: quit my job without a backup plan or savings to speak of, bungee jumped naked, taken a skydivers licence, gone freelance and bought an apartment at the same time, and lectured at a university in front of some 200 people.

Micke Kazarnowicz naked bungee jump
Me doing a bungee jump. Naked.

I believe in transparency. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Flickr, Quora, LinkedIn, Bambuser, Youtube, Disqus, Yelp, Foursquare and a bunch of other places. I also have a Swedish blog. I’ve even published my full genome (mapped through 23andme.com) on the internet.

I don’t think of myself as being a certain age, instead I think about myself living different avatars. I’m currently on my sixth, and I’ve got no idea what the next one will be. I think this is why I’ve never thought that I’m too old for something.

When it comes to politics, I’m more libertarian than authoritarian, and more left than right. Here’s my position on the Political Compass:

Micke Kazarnowicz on the Political Compass
My position on the Political Compass


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