About this blog

“Digital McGyver” is written by me, Michael Kazarnowicz. The opinions and statements here are always my own and never my employer’s.

This blog has three aspects:

1. Personal
The personal posts are about my personal life. Sometimes the posts cross what some might consider the line to “private”. The way I see it, reading my blog is an active choice. No matter what your relation to me is, I assume that you can handle the information I choose to share in the same way I assume that someone asking me a question can handle the answer.

2. Professional
My full time job and my freelance gigs all revolve around the digital sphere: marketing, strategy, PR, “social media” and everything related. My strengths are that I understand both technology and communication. In these blog posts I share my insights and knowledge around my job.

3. Health and fitness
I have a background as product manager at a gym chain in Sweden, I’m a licensed Personal Trainer and also a group fitness instructor. I teach Bodypump and Bodycombat, and for me staying in shape is a question of both health and aesthetics. I mostly focus on self-tracking and quantified self nowadays.

Policy for comments (Inspired by Gwen Bell)
1. Identify yourself.
2. Contribute mindfully.

This means that I will only delete 1) comments that the law requires me to and 2) spam. Should I choose to edit or censor a comment, there will always be a clear notice of what and why.

This blog is powered by WordPress and the theme is Infinity from Themetrust. It’s currently hosted by FS Data.

Creative Commons
All content created and produced by me is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. If you’d like to use my work for commercial purposes, I often allow free use but you have to ask me first. My contact details are available here.

Curator’s Code
I use Curator’s Code to link to original sources (the symbol ? ) and sources of inspiration (the symbol: ? ). This is a way of creating a trail of bread crumbs and inspire serendipity and the add to creative process that we all are part of.

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