Why I just ordered a Fairphone – and why you should too

Today, I read about the Fairphone – an attempt to make a smartphone with conflict-free materials, with fair pricing, good working conditions and conflict-free materials. I don’t expect the Fairphone to be take a huge part of the smartphone market, but if they manage to make the project a reality it will show Apple, Samsung, HTC and every other maker that there is a demand for this. Fairphone can be a catalyst to make the digital gadgets market more sustainable and more fair for everyone. But only if we (that’s “we” as in you and me, not as in “someone else”) make it happen.


Fairphone needs to sell 5,000 phones before they can start production. Currently, they have sold 2,352. This is why you should order one too. Not because you need a new phone (you probably don’t) but because it’s the best signal you can send to manufacturers: there is a demand for fair, conflict-fre, sustainable phones. I will review the phone once I get it, but as I already have a phone I will most likely give the Fairphone to someone who needs it more than I do.

I’m currently in the process of getting rid of a lot of my stuff (The Crop100 Project) and I’m careful about buying new stuff, but this is something I fully support. I see it as my way of taking responsibility for our planet and the way we conduct business and consume products. Saying you want something is one thing, but if you don’t buy it once it’s available your actions speak louder than words. So if you can: join me!


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